The Tai Tai Lady Friend


This richly painted snuff bottle depicts a confident young Chinese lady dressed in a traditional qipao. She is accompanied by two quails sitting on a branch of a blossoming plum. The quail is a pun for peace. Two quails double the amount of peace.  The artist, Wang Guoxin, has been a student of Wang Guanyu and studied at the Ji School. He was born in 1965 in Fucheng County. Real size  7.2 x 5 cm


Material options:
Clear Plexiglass -> The photo is printed on a 4 mm thick aluminium plate and then covered with a 3 mm clear plexiglass.
Fine Art Paper -> Is a gloss paper with a fine structure, reminiscent of Baryta. It is printed with 12 different colors and 3 shades of grey. The photo is pasted on an aluminium plate of 4 mm thick.

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