The Chinese Elm


This amber inside painted snuff bottle depicts a Chinese mountain landscape and graceful Chinese elm trees at the shore of a lake. A scholar meditates in a fishing pavilion perched over the water. The elm tree symbolizes ‘strength, wisdom and intuition.’ The elm is also called the ‘tree of harmony.’

The artist, master painter Ye Bengqi (1908-1975), was born in Beijing. In February 1958 he began studying inside painting. His master was his father, Ye Zhongsan. Together with his brother Ye Xiaofeng they were the teachers of Wang Xisan, who later became a master painter and a teacher of many more artists. Real Size: 6.2 x 5.5 cm


Material options:
Clear Plexiglass -> The photo is printed on a 4 mm thick aluminium plate and then covered with a 3 mm clear plexiglass.
Fine Art Paper -> Is a gloss paper with a fine structure, reminiscent of Baryta. It is printed with 12 different colors and 3 shades of grey. The photo is pasted on an aluminium plate of 4 mm thick.

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