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Caroline Ris-Grootveld


My name is Caroline Ris-Grootveld, and I am glad you are here. After my father passed away in 2017, I spent hours in his private study that he used for his Chinese Snuff Bottle Collection, viewing, researching, and cataloguing all of his little snuff bottles – from antiques in stone, glass, and organic materials to his beloved modern-day, inside-painted bottles. Yes, you read it correctly: the artist paints the bottle from the inside with a tiny little bamboo pencil!

My father frequently travelled from his home base in the Netherlands to Asia to meet with many of these artists and dealers and developed lifelong friendships. He had more than just an interest in their artworks. He had a passion. He wanted to know the artists, understand their art and craft, support them, and broaden appreciation of the beauty, skill, and meaning encapsulated by these miniature paintings. He succeeded.

My father’s passion became my passion.

My goal is to continue my father’s legacy. To spread knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of these exquisite Chinese snuff bottles and the artists behind their creation. From exploring an in-process website documenting the collection to creating breathtakingly detailed photographs of select examples from the collection, I hope that all will gain a better insight into the art and craft of inside-painted snuff bottles, the skill and creativity of the artists, the Chinese world, and themselves.

So I started Snuff Bottle Collection – originated at the crossroads of art and technology. Our art images have become hugely successful in a short time. We take advantage of an untapped niche in the online art market with our advice and our varied selection of images from our own collection of Chinese miniature works of art that will magnify your walls, both at home and in the office, and spark the imagination. Enjoy picking your favorite one! It’ll soon enrich your home or office walls!

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Caroline together with artist Dong Xue (Master painter) and late Mr Peter Bentley (collector) in 2019 in Taiwan

Collector R. Grootveld and artist Wang Xisan (Master painter and Founder of Ji School) in 2007 in China

Collector R. Grootveld and artist Liu Shouben (Master painter) having dinner with other artists in 2007 in China

Working together with

Professional people I work with, in alphabetical order:

Andrew Singer, he is a writer and speaker on China, a traveller, history lover, and collector of books and Chinese snuff bottles who lives on Cape Cod.  More on his writing and adventures can be found at: www.andrewsingerchina.com

Desiree Engelage, photographer on location: www.madebydee.nl

Tom Haartsen, photographer of our private collection: www.linkedin.com/in/tom-haartsen-95138b27/