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The technique of dibond printing is used to give an artwork even more depth than it already has. The plexification makes the colors look even richer and more vivid.

Dibond provides a very rigid yet optically flat panel, making it a perfect photographic mounting material. Mounting on Dibond gives you all the advantages of aluminium but with a significant weight saving – making it ideal for mounting larger photographic prints without any bowing.

The aluminium subframe, mounted to each finished Dibond mount provides a visible space between the mounted work and the wall, giving a 3 dimensional ‘floating’ presence to your photographs or artwork. Dibond mounting; durable, lightweight yet rigid.

​The photo is then covered with a 3 mm layer of Plexiglass, which is 99,7% UV resistant.

Our Plexiglass on dibond images are, without a doubt, of museum quality.

This Inkjet paper is based on 100% cotton fibres, handmade, acid free (PH-Neutral) and contains no lignin. These properties make the material ideally suitable for making ‘Glicee’ prints. This way of production is much more sustainable.


Most images are delivered with a mounted U-profile system and a J-profile to hang the image on your wall. The advantages of this system are it’s floating effect, stability against the wall and protection of the image.


Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta is a gloss, high-white photo paper with a small structure, which is very reminiscent of the Baryta paper from the analog era.

Due to the unique coating, in combination with the specially developed base material, this product is suitable for printing black and white images, but color prints also give excellent results. Due to the very smooth coating, black/white prints are deep black, with a lot of grey tones and an incredible sharpness. Color prints are distinguished in sharpness, richly saturated colors, high detail and very smooth color transitions.

Our unparalleled Fine Art Print quality: we have our images printed with large format printers with the widest color range and the finest resolution. This gives the most beautiful color reproduction, smooth color transitions and continuous tone gradients, the deepest blacks and reproduction of the finest details. Fine art is printed in 12 different colors and 3 shades of grey. The photo is carefully pasted on an aluminum plate of 4 millimeters thick.

Our Fine art prints on dibond are, without a doubt, of museum quality.


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Included in the price:

BTW=VAT= 21%

Shipping charges including specialty art packaging and insurance will be quoted separately.